“What is your greatest weakness?”

It’s an old school interview question, but it really does make you stop and think. And these days, if you think the old stand-by answers like, “I work too much,” or “I’m a perfectionist” are going to get you through to round two, you better think again.

You may have memorized your answers off of a note card, but employers can see right through your rehearsed response. So how does one go about answering a question without sounding like a broken record player?
Be straight-forward. Explain what your weakness is and then describe how you have been able to manage and improve upon it. This will demonstrate your problem-solving capabilities: you took constructive criticism about your work performance and found a solution that worked for everybody.


Important to note: Keep your example simple. While you may have improved upon that flaw, it’s best to exclude anything that makes you come across as incapable of the job at hand.

“Do you have any questions for me?”

Another interview question popular among employers, and one that you should always have an answer for.

Do your research on the company beforehand – read up on any press releases or online information about new product promotions. Stay engaged and actually listen to what is being said throughout the interview so you have appropriate questions to ask at the end.

Other perceptive questions you could bring to the table:

  • What do you consider the best features of the job?
  • What do you consider the worst?
  • Are there growth opportunities within the company?

These are questions that will show that you’ve done some background work and are genuinely interested in the position at hand.

After the interview, stand up, thank your future employer for their time and inquire about a timeline for a follow-up. With a firm handshake and a genuine smile, walk out of the room confident that you did your best!