The Federal Government of Canada is overhauling the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) so that it puts Canadians first. This means that employers must more vigilantly demonstrate a need to hire foreign workers.  It also means that foreign workers must demonstrate that they have the skills demanded by an employer above and beyond what that employer can find domestically.  Our service will provide the Federal Government with the clarity and transparency that they require. There is a demand for skilled labour in Canada and we can assist you in pinpointing and articulating the benefits of an international worker. We can also help employers identify potential Canadian candidates wherever they exist. No matter what your needs our our process will accurately identify the solution you need.

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We provide help with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) to both employees and employers.

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  • Clearly Identify Demand For Specialized Skills Unilaterally and Discretionary

  • Pass a Labour Market Impact Assessment (Formerly LMO)

  • Demonstrate Absolutely No Reciprocity

  • Conduct a Thorough Search For Canadian Employees

  • Essentially, the TFWP is a last resort for employers to fill jobs forwhich qualified Canadians are not available

The TFWP will now refer to only those streams under which foreign workers enter Canada at the request of employers following approval through a new Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The new International Mobility Programs (IMP) will include those streams in which foreign nationals are not subject to an LMIA, and whose primary objective is to advance Canada’s broad economic and cultural national interest, rather than filling particular jobs. These new categories will improve accountability, with Employment and Social Development Canada being the lead department for the TFWP, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada the lead department for the IMP. (Learn More…)