Employment-AdaptabilityA New Adventure

So, you’re looking for a job? And you’re an international student?

Hard work and dedication are important qualities to have when it comes to embarking on your new adventure. Understanding the distinct structure of the Canadian job market is an even better strategy!

Factors to consider:

  • Job search strategies
  • Cultural differences
  • Language skills
  • Advanced preparation
  • Employment adaptability

Every situation is unique and your success comes from acquiring the necessary knowledge and skill required to reaching your career goals.

Taking the Leap

Learning how to be adaptable when it comes to possible career opportunities is an important factor to consider. Integrating into the Canadian job market without adequate experience can be challenge enough; but there are a few ways to make the transition a bit easier. Here are some tips to helping you figure out how to bridge the gap:

Consider what your career goal is and decide your study program based on your skills and what it is that the job market needs.
Talk with a career counselor and discuss your skills, knowledge, education and experience. A career counselor will help you in choosing a career based on all of these factors, also taking into account your interests and abilities.

Gain experience while you complete your study program. This could include looking into extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs or volunteer programs.
Network. Develop contacts in the career field you are pursuing and learn about the experience employers expect from applicants.
Word to the Wise

It is important to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations concerning immigration and work permit requirements. It is your responsibility to be fully aware of anything that may affect your employment status in Canada. Preparing yourself will give recruiters the confidence to invest the time and money required to train new hires.
As an international student, do your research! When you focus on the transferable skills you gained in your country, highlight your skill, knowledge and experience, you show your dedication and commitment to the possible job opportunity.

Most important of all? Enjoy the adventure!