The ideal recruitment strategy for your business brings the best talent to your organization and matches those people with the values of your organization. Human resources encompasses the entire recruitment process and includes the following noteworthy processes: sourcing, selecting, and on boarding employees. HR in general is a broader term which encompasses more than just recruitment.  If you are a business manager and are looking for broader HR consultations, please click here. This page details our processes and services available to develop and implement a successful recruitment strategy.

Recruit Skilled Workers Domestically and Internationally

For companies without a dedicated HR professional on staff it can be very challenging to determine how to traverse the environment of recruiting, retention, and HR in general. IIERC Consultants are ready to help you and your company succeed matching your needs with the right employees to create mutually beneficial relationships and employment scenarios. Our HR consulting service can provide broad guidance or prescribe specific techniques to deal with specific needs you may have.
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We have experience assisting companies source talent. We know where to look, the processes required to find and retain talented people, and we can even search beyond Canada’s borders if local skilled labour is unavailable.