It’s been said that leaders are made, not born. Is this true? What makes a great leader?

Whether you believe that certain people are just made to be natural born leaders, or that leaders learn from working their way to the top, one thing remains to be said. Everyone can learn something new every day. This rings true for leaders, made or born.

How can you become (or continue) to be a great manager? This list was created to help you reassess your current leadership skills and focus on improving your abilities to become – or continue to be – a great manager.

Find a Mentor: As an assertive, self-assured leader, you should know that there is always room for improvement. When you receive direct feedback from an outside source, you open your eyes to the possibilities of improvement. Seek out the viewpoint of a trusted friend or associate with more experience. They can give you an honest opinion of your work and management skills.

Be Aware: People are what makes the business world turn and a strong leader is compassionate. Be aware of the sensitivities of those around you and acknowledge that different opinions are relevant, whether you agree or not.

Creative Expression: Keep an open mind. Empower your team and let them know that their opinions and ideas are valued. Give positive feedback and practical advice when it’s needed – this can ultimately lead to enhanced productivity. When you reward creativity and recognize the potential, your team will know that they are an important part of the workplace, which in turn will help you build a better, stronger business.

Communication is Key: Practice the power of open communication and make sure that your employees know what you expect of them. When a member of your team comes in to discuss a workplace issue, give them your full attention and build trust through discretion and confidentiality.

By maintaining effective business leadership, you will be able to create and improve an efficient and successful workplace environment for everyone.