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Get advice and access to professionals who can help you source employees from around the globe.

Employment Services for Individuals

For Canadian and international candidates, seeking employment can be somewhat of a daunting task. We take the time to help you find employment you enjoy and employment that matches your skill or trade.

HR Consulting for Business

We offer a full suite of HR consulting services including employee sourcing programs, international recruitment and placement services. As a dedicated employment agency serving candidates and employers, we strive for the success of everyone we work with on all HR fronts. Retaining skilled employees requires a variety of compensation and workplace programs. When hiring LMIA approved international employees, it is important to have a knowledge base to aid you with their unique needs. At IIERC we provide you with guidance that will help you successfully develop and maintain a strong skilled workforce committed to company success.

HR Consulting Service | Recruiting Strategies

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  2. Foreign Worker Applications and Labour Market Opinions

  3. Employee Immigration and Family Applications

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Or goal is to provide advice and administrative assistance to help both employers and employees meet their needs in a mutually beneficial way. IIERC would like to invite you to call and schedule a consultation.  Click here to contact us.

The Alberta Advantage

Finding a Job

Finding employment in Alberta can lead to a financially rewarding career. Allow one of our experts to assist you in matching your skills and your values with an employer who values what you have to offer. Contact us today to tap into The Alberta Advantage.  Click here to learn more about Working in Alberta.

The Alberta Economy

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IIERC is both a national and international employment agency.

Alberta employment agencies are governed by the Fair Trading Act (FTA) and the Employment Agency Business Licensing Regulation.

National employment agency businesses are authorized to recruit employees from or assist individuals in Alberta, or recruit employees from or assist individuals from other jurisdictions in Canada, who are seeking employment in Alberta.

International employment agency businesses are authorized to recruit employees from outside Canada or assist individuals outside Canada who are seeking employment in Alberta.

Under the FTA:

  • An employment agency cannot demand or collect a fee from an individual it is helping to find a job or recruiting.
  • No employment agency may demand or hold a bond or deposit from an individual. It is against the law for any fee to be collected from a person even if it may be refunded later.
  • An employment agency cannot tell an employer that the employer can recover the costs of the agency’s services from the employee.


Foreign Worker Application

Work in Canada

Work in Canada

Apply for a Student Visa

Study In Canada

To study in Canada you may need both a study permit as well as a visitor visa.

Spousal & Family Applications

Family Applications

Bring your spouse and/or family to Canada.

Employer Services

The global economy has never been more reliant on people themselves. Success in the global marketplace centers on the effective management of a global workforce and that begins with employee sourcing. Our consultation services help companies solve their most complex challenges. We are expertly equipped and have the experience to help you succeed.